Posies and Sprigs Bouquet

Additional Stems
Give the gift of spring at any time of the year! Choose your own posies and stems and add a cheerful touch to any room in the house. These elegant blossoms will never wilt and are the perfect gift for any occasion or a classic addition to your own decor.
Please browse the Posies and Sprigs sheet provided amongst the images and select 2 Posies and 3 Sprigs and/or Words. Each bouquet has a total of 5 stems. The Posies are labeled "P01-P09" and the Stems and Words are labeled "S01-S14" and "W01-W10." If you want additional stems, please select the additional quantity in the options below.
The posies and sprigs are approx. 6" tall and 2.5" wide on 1/8" thick unfinished and unsanded wood.

The block vase is a natural finished or hickory stain, beveled edge 3.5 " x 3.5" x 1.5" and the 1" round opening at the top of block is 3" deep.

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