Card Hub for Dominion Board Game

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Made by and for Dominion fans, the Card Hub swivels on a "Lazy Susan" allowing each player easy access to all cards when playing Dominion.

In the center of the board are four deep wells for Treasure cards and four wells for Victory cards. These wells are also good for Curse cards (if you are not playing Prosperity). Also in the center are four dishes for tokens from expansions. Along the perimeter of the hub are slots for deck building cards. Most decks only use 10 of these cards, but because some games require more we included 12 slots. All slots are large enough for sleeved cards.

While you don't need the Card Hub to have fun with Dominion we really like the "Lazy Susan" aspect. Players can lean back instead of reaching across the table to use cards. Swiveling cards is especially useful when players haven't used cards for a deck and want to catch up by reading them.

In our first batch of Dominion boards we have:
     *   Lazer cut layers of the wood board
     *   Routed edges
     *   Sanded surface
     *   Dyed wood dark brown 
     *   Doweled and glued together
     *   Clear coated three times to protect wood

Materials: Baltic Birch wood and ball barings

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