Wooden Dragon Toy - Kit


This fanciful Kinetic Dragon Toy delights children and adults alike, when it creates a clickety-clack rhythm as it hops down a ramp. A small pull and release of the Hoppers tail at the top of the ramp sends this charming Dragon Kinetic Wooden Toy hoping to its own beat.

Intended as a project that a child and adult can complete together. Each kits contains pre-cut and sanded birch pieces that need only to be fastened together with wood glue and easy-to-follow pictorial build instructions. Hoppers can be easily customized with paint or markers. .

There is a lot of physics occurring here when you create a ramp for your Hopper by using household items like cardboard placed on books or wood blocks. Momentum pulls the hopper forward, until it tips forward on it’s front foot, enabling the legs to swing forward to repeat the hopping kinetic cycle.

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