Enter to Win!

September 07, 2020

Enter to Win!

  Enter the MN Stay Fair Stack Puzzle Contest!

Enter to win our puzzle collection including our exclusive MN Stay Fair Stack Puzzle. We're celebrating the 12 days of the World Famous Minnesota State Fair with a stay-cation, "Stay Fair" event. Contest runs from Thursday, August 27, through Labor Day, September 7, 2020.

Here's what you do:

  1. Select "Enter to WIN!"  to use your social media account to enter, or sign-up with your name and email address.
  2. Earn Points to Win! Select "Enter to Win" each day to increase your points and improve your odds to win. Choose from any of the list items to gain 'points' for the drawing. (The more points you have the greater chance you have to win!)
  3. Check us out every day to increase and improve your odds to win.  Select as many social media provided for points and then select Continue with the MN Stay Fair point winning prize entrees: trivia polls, shares, likes, etc.

~Good Luck, from all of us at Linnell Design

Welcome to the 12 days of the MN Stay Fair 2020. 

The MN State fair may be closed this year but that’s not going to stop us from having some fun online and connecting with you and your friends and family. 

Traditionally we would be excited to be heading to the ‘Great MN Get Together, our State Fair, tomorrow. Instead we invite you to join us here at Linnell Design  and Studio Cat Molly (Stay Fair Cat mascot) for our own twist of a staycation with the #MNstayFair 2020 contest. You don’t have to fight traffic, find parking or even buy tickets to access all the fun.

We will be posting each day for you to enter and gain points to add up till the last day on Sept. 7  Labor Day.

Blue Ribbon Grand Prize is MN themed and was created and designed by Linnell. One of our puzzles in the collection is so new, that it will be shown for the first time for this contest!

At the end of our MN Stay Fair contest, you won’t have gained any unwanted weight but have gained the chance of winning the Blue Ribbon prize for the most points while connecting with your friends and family.

Hope to connect with you all during the MN Stay Fair!

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