8 Skills and Experience

September 03, 2020

8 Skills and Experience

The #MNstateFair is a great place to show off skills and experience. We enjoy walking through the old traditional skills found at the animal barns to experiencing new technology. The arts and handcraft buildings are filled with creative impersonations, woodworking, crafts, photography, and painting.

Some amazing skills presented at the fair have changed over the years. Today on #TBT Throwback Thursday, Linnell would like to share a lumberjack piece of her family history. The lumberjack skills events with quick sawing, log rolling and pole climbing have always been a favorite of hers. She would remember her grandfather and his skills as she watched those at the fair. Below is an article about her grandfather.

Still Sharp - Rudy Hansen

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Which skills and experience building do you go to first?

-  Fine Arts
-  Education
- Technology
- Horticulture
- Barns

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