6 rides

September 01, 2020 1 Comment

6 rides

What goes up must come down… 

There are so many rides to choose from at the fair. You could spend the whole day just riding rides!

It's fun to walk by the kiddy midway and hear the young squeals of joy and terror from these early fair goers. But to hear the real screams, walk by the extreme rides. It's fun to watch the raw emotion of the riders as they broadcast the video to everyone waiting in line from the camera posted inside the cabin. 'Do you really want to do this?' it asks, and many do!

Intermingled with the typical fair rides are the wonderful games of the midway. Games of skill and chance that will suck you dry of quarters for a chance to will a prize. You might get lucky and win that big stuffed animal, but then, what do you do with it for the rest of the day?

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Sherry Vargason
Sherry Vargason

September 07, 2020

We always enjoy the SKY RIDE across the Fair Grounds property! Love seeing all the “underwear” on top of
the building we can see from that angle! :)

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