5. Exhibits

August 31, 2020

5. Exhibits

The thrill of the coveted blue ribbon! It’s almost as much fun for the spectators looking to find which entry won in your favorite category. The animal barns are always full of excitement as judges come around and award the ribbon. 

Where do you seek out the ribbons? In the animal arenas, jams and honey or in the arts and crafts building? I remember being amazed in the AG building that someone was getting a ribbon for a perfect ear of corn. 

It’s amazing to think of the hundreds of thousands of hours of skill and labor that are on display, each one hoping to be awarded for their efforts. 

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Have you ever entered something in the state fair?
If you have, we are so proud of you and would like to hear how you fared. Did you get to talk to the judges as they came around, or be surprised like everyone after the judges came through and hung the ribbons?



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