4. People Watching

August 30, 2020 1 Comment

4. People Watching

WOW! 2019 has the current MN State Fair record for total attendance: 2,126,551. That's a lot of people watching possibilities.

People that make us smile, here are a few of Linnell's favorites:

  • Sleeping kids drooped over in strollers and wagons 
  • A charming older couple sharing an ice cream cone
  • The glee of 4H kids watching visitors reactions, when they lowered a rubber spider from the rafters 
  • Dancing, especially kids when they cant rest the beat
  • People posing for photos 

Beyond all the small memorable people watching moments, there are other people watching events. There are news and radio stations booths, political booths and shows of all kinds.

Several years ago, Barbara, a friend of Linnell's, took her kids to the fair on a day that their favorite radio personality from KS95 was actually there! They bought t-shirts and had Stacey do her thing with a signature and bling!! As her daughter went off to college, that t-shirt went in her treasure box of great memories. 

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Let us know who do you watch at the fair? 
Is it your favorite live news cast, or seeing the face of your revered radio host? Does the voice match the face? Or do you pause to talk with our next potential political figure? Do you make sure to catch the parade?
Thanks for sharing the people you see at the World Famous Great MN Get Together.

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Sherry Vargason
Sherry Vargason

September 07, 2020

One year, while walking around the Fair grounds, we spotted 3 amazing, senior citizen women we knew sitting on a short, brick wall, resting after walking around all day at the fair! Two sisters and a best friend all sitting in a row on this brick ledge——we greeted them warmly and often recall the fun memory of seeing them that day!!

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