11. Slow Down Sunday

September 06, 2020 1 Comment

11. Slow Down Sunday

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The fair is known for being a hustle and bustle busy place and yet, there are times we just want to slow the pace, like a lazy Sunday on the lake fishing or listening to loons.

There are places to go during the fair where a slower pace can be found. It's fun to wander through machinery hill or the history and heritage center, reflecting on bygone days and the past that has gone before us. some of the rides can also provide slower paced fun. The ski ride, ferris wheel and giant slide have the feel of simple thrills and a birds eye view of the fair and all it's delights.

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Where do you pause or slow down at the fair?

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Sherry Vargason
Sherry Vargason

September 07, 2020

We always stop by the CREATIVE ARTS building to see if our neighbor, Gordie, won a prize for his fabulous woodworking projects:
Ford pickup, train, bowls, crafted with different kinds of woods and colors!! Many times, he earned 1st place ribbons!

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