1. Throwback Thursday

August 27, 2020

1. Throwback Thursday

#TBT (Throw back Thursday)!!  Entering through the MN State Fair gates, everyone seems to look around to see what is the same and what has changed since last year. The #MNstatefair has had many changes over the years and today we're taking a look back at some favorite fair memories. 

The beloved carousel was a hallmark of the State Fair for 75 years. 1989, was the last year to take a spin. That year, Linnell and her son picked a fine steed in the middle row of horses. Together they had one more joyful ride on the famous Cafesjian's Carousel.

Several year later, Linnell was delighted to learn that the Carousel had been rescued and restored. It's current home is at Como Park, in St. Paul, MN very close to the State Fair grounds.

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To learn more about the Cafesjian's Carousel visit www.ourfaircarousel.org


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We'd like to hear your memories of the Fair. 

  • Share a favorite State Fair Memory. 
  • What would you like to see again at the Fair?
  • Did you ride the carousel at the State Fair or Como Park?
  • Do you have a favorite carousel horse?

Please share them in the comments below.
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