Halloween Themed Bow Ties

October 10, 2017

Halloween Bow Ties

 If you’re looking for a fun and unconventional gift, our wooden Halloween bow ties will fill the need for something different. Compared to our traditional wood bow ties, our themed ties may lighten the mood a bit, but that doesn’t mean we compromise on quality. All of our holiday themed creations are protected with three layers of coating to make sure nothing unfortunate happens to your newest holiday addition.

Halloween Tie Mummy


Look at that face, this mummy just wants a hug! This cute little guy is designed and cut by Linnell Design, and handmade and assembled in our shop.

Halloween Tie Bat


Perfect for any vampire or Dracula costume, our wooden bat bow tie is sure to be a conversation starter. Just because most bats are nocturnal doesn’t mean you have to wear this at night. Feel free to show off your bat any time of day or night.

Spider Tie


No need to run for the hills at the sight of our spider and web wooden bow tie. This little arachnid just wants to say hello! Our spider is taking a break from his job as a “web developer” to enjoy the holiday and score some free candy.

Wooden Bow Ties

wood bow ties from Linnell Design are a fun and quirky way to celebrate the holidays and show off how fancy you are at the same time. All of our wooden bow ties come in a selections of different wood, dark and light stains, and with an adult sized elastic strap and hook enclosure that’s easily adjustable (between 16” and 20”) for most shirt and collar sizes.

Try something a little different and get Spruced Up with Linnell Design!

CherryTieFor a more refined look that still creates a statement, look no further than our line of traditional inspired bow ties. With standard
 and slim style options. For an even fancier option, make sure to check out our inlaid  slim option. 



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