Laser cutting is the process of cutting very precise and detailed shapes through materials such as paper, wood, fabric, leather or acrylic for use in products such as, signage, stencils, rubber stamps, inlays, topographical models, architectural models, décor objects, jewelry, art and more.

Etching is the process of using a laser beam to etch material away from the surface of a material. Photos and other images can be etched into materials such as wood, acrylic, plastics, fabrics, leather, anodized or coated metals and glass for use in products such as promotional items, stationery, glass containers, gifts, signage and more.

Rotary etch 360 degrees around items. Our lasers rotary attachment is ideal for engraving cylinder items with monograms or graphics on glasses, mugs, bottles, water bottles and flashlights.
We can mark metals through the process of etching the surface of painted anodized or enameled metals. Images can also be marked in black using a laser activated metal marking spray on uncoated metals such as brass, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, nickel and bronze.